Toronto Hedge Fund Hotel

KnowledgeSuites houses the first Hedge Fund Hotel in Toronto.

New hedge fund managers need office space, and they need information, inspiration and capital. Often the manager starting a fund has previously been employed by a large asset management organization and is not used to having zero support around him or her. Running a small business leaves them drowning in detail and unfocussed on the main objective of raising assets and outperforming.

KnowledgeSuites provides advice on fund structure, domicile (specifically any offshore element), fund governance, capital introductions and service provider selection. KS can also provide marketing and communications advice for printed materials, websites, conference attendance, and assistance with road shows.

We have on-site staff to deal with the day-to-day administration, IT support, travel, and office space issues for the fund.

We offer immediate access to a network of third-party service providers.

In addition, we arrange regular "knowledge" sessions with lawyers, prime brokers, auditors or administrators, providing some stimulating discussion and practical information for managers. This service is included in the tenancy.

We also house a compliance function for hedge fund managers in our space, provided by IRI and its associates.

The HFH is tailored specifically to the fund managers’ needs, setting us apart from general business centres. No similar facilities exist in Toronto.