...on Mature Entrepreneurs

Our Focus on Mature Entrepreneurs

KnowledgeSuites is ideal for the “mature” entrepreneur (i.e. business people in later life who are starting a new company), particularly in the financial services and ecommerce/IT space.

Statistics Canada: Labour Force Surveys clearly show that the employment growth rate is highest amongst the self-employed. As we gradually recover from the financial crisis of 2008/2009 most of the new job growth will come as a result of entrepreneurial workers stepping out on their own.

Self-employment is already the way of life for about 2.5-million Canadians, representing almost 16% of the total workforce.

KnowledgeSuites helps mature entrepreneurs to start a buisiness and create lasting wealth. We are a private, for-profit, initiative that assists Canada’s entrepreneurs by providing know how and flexible office space to create better businesses.