Existing Tenants

Existing Tenants in the business centre include:

Hedge Funds/Alternative Investments:

  • APEX Fund Services (Canada) Ltd.;
  • Bromleigh Investment Management Inc.;
  • BvB Capital;
  • Forvest Financial Services Corporation;
  • Rosalind Advisors, Inc.;
  • Pan-asset Management Ltd.;
  • Westcourt Capital Corporation

 Other Businesses:

  • Adante;
  • RiskOnBoard Inc.;
  • Maclaren Corlett LLP;
  • Mediacan International;
  • McCarthy Law Professional Corporation;
  • Grand Slam Investments Inc.;
  • Shucor Investments Limited; 
  • CERAiT Inc.;
  • KnowledgeSuites Inc.,
  • Trilogy Class Actions;
  • Trilogy Securities Funding;
  • BarhamWoods Property Management Inc.
  • Hedge Fund Hotels Inc- this is the first such centre for start-up hedge funds in Toronto;
  • WWWoods & Co. Limited, a financial services consultancy; and
  • Independent Review Inc., specialists in investment fund governance and Independent Review Committees.